The Database Tour supports the following interface languages:

Language Translated by
English Vitaliy Levchenko


Claude Pomalo
Michel Torreilles


Andreas Breitschopp
Markus Gnam


Petrò Luca
Gaetano Gargiulo
Daniele Cuocci

Spanish Carlos Mario Topelman Gonzalez
Polish Vitaliy Levchenko
Ukrainian Vitaliy Levchenko
Catalan Josep Maria Gómez Boada

We would like to thank all those, who contributed their translations of Database Tour interface and/or this web site.

If you find errors in the translations, please contact us. Thank you!

Language packages can be downloaded from the download page.

If Database Tour is not available in your language, and you would like to help translating the program in your language, please read the notes below.

Notes for candidates

1. We need only QUALITY translations. The candidate should have a solid experience in working with databases, be good in English (including database terms), and be very literate in his (her) own language.

2. The size of Database Tour interface to translate is about 55 KB.

3. The translator agrees to translate additional small portions of text for each new version of Database Tour (if required).

4. Before applying, the translations should be tested by other Database Tour users, which speak the translator language. The testers may be chosen by Database Tour author.

5. Due to new releases of Database Tour are published very often, the translation must be done within TWO MONTHS.

Benefits for translators

1. The translator will get one Database Tour Pro license for FREE.

2. We GUARANTEE FREE MAJOR UPGRADES for all those translators, who contributes the additional translations for new versions of Database Tour (usually these additional translations consist of several phrases for the interface and several phrases for the web site).

3. Author puts the translator name on this web page.


If you are agree with conditions above and want to translate Database Tour interface and/or web site in your language, please contact us.
ATTENTION! In your message, please mention that you have read and agree with notes for candidates.