This topic describes parameters of Database Tour command line, specific to opening different files. Some file types (for example, report files) can be opened only in Database Tour Pro.

Common rules for writing command lines are described here.


dbtour.exe FileNameToOpen


1. Open a .dbf file
dbtour.exe "c:\my db\customer.dbf"

2. Open an .mdb file
dbtour.exe "c:\my db\MyData.mdb"

3. Open an .accdb file
dbtour.exe "c:\my db\MyData.accdb"

4. Open an .xlsx file
dbtour.exe "c:\my db\MyData.xlsx"

5. Open a report template file (Database Tour Pro only)
dbtour.exe c:\MyReports\Invoices.dtt

6. Open an .sql file
dbtour.exe c:\MyReports\Invoices.sql

7. Open a .csv file
dbtour.exe c:\payments\jun2013.csv


If the file name includes spaces, it should be enclosed in quotes.

It is recommended to use full file names.