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.csv files
.db files
.dbc files
.dbf files
.html files
.mdb files
.SCH files
.udl files
.wj2 files
.wk1 files
.xls files
.xlsb files
.xlsm files
.xlsx files
.xml files
about Database Tour
ACCDB files
accepting files from Windows Explorer
action file
actions before printing object
Adaptive Server Anywhere
adding fields to the table
aggregate functions
Aggregation Range (report object property)
Align Horizontally (report object property)
Align to Container (report object property)
Align Vertically (report object property)
alternate row color
arithmetic operations with numeric fields
associating files with Database Tour
asynchronous query execution
Author (report object property)
Auto Sizing (report object property)
Auto Stretching (report object property)
autodetection of BLOB data
automatic filling field values
automatic generation of command lines
automatic generation of connection strings
autosizing a column's width
available functions
available types of databases
average value of the field
Background Color (report object property)
Band object
Batch changing field values
batch text operations
BDE aliases
BDE configuration
BDE language drivers
begin transaction
beginning work with Database Tour
binary form of the report template
BLOBs autodetection
Boolean data editing
Brush (report object property)
CDATA attribute in XML export
Center (report object property)
Changed By (report object property)
changing case of symbols
Checkbox object
Checked (report object property)
Clear Margings (report object property)
clearing data of selected field
   copying full data set to
   copying graphic images
   copying selected column to
   copying selected records to
   pasting data from
closing database
column defintions file
Column Space (report object property)
Columns (report object property)
command line generation
command line parameters
command line usage
commit interval
commit work
Condition FALSE (report object property)
Condition TRUE (report object property)
conditional formatting
conditional highlighting
configuring BDE aliases
connection string builder
connection strings
copying aliases
copying current record
copying data to clipboard
copying files into Database Tour
copying graphic images
copying tables
creating aliases
creating command lines
creating Database Tour shortcuts
creating databases
creating indexes
creating primary key
creating reports
creating schema for text table
creating tables
CSV files
current BDE settings
current column
current field
current record
current row
customizing data view
Data Source (report object property)
Data Source object
data source types
Data Type (report object property)
data view
Database Checkbox object
database driver
Database Field (report object property)
database grids
database history
Database Image object
database objects
database structure
database structure tree
Database Text object
Database Tour editions
database types
DB files
DB2 databases
dBase encoding
dBase export
dBase files
dBase version
DBC files
DBF files
DDL expressions
decrypting files
deleting aliases
deleting fields
deleting indexes
deleting tables
demo databases
demo reports
Description (report object property)
descriptions of some error messages
different ways of creating tables
Display Mask (report object property)
Document Title (report object property)
dragging files
dropping tables
dropping views
Duplex Mode (report object property)
duplicating field values
duplicating tables
dynamic expressions
dynamic variables in report expressions
editable queries
editing data
editing field structure
emptying tables
encrypting and decrypting files from command line
encrypting files
ending transactions
Engine Version (report object property)
error messages
example of .bat file
example of using template
   .bat file
   connection strings
   schema files
   typical tasks solutions
examples of ADO connection strings
examples of schema files
executing queries via command line
expanding row heights in grids
export all tables
export by ADO SQL
export data through the command line
export mode
export options
export record range
export selected tables
export step number
export to PDF
exporting data
exporting data from command line
exporting large tables
exporting report to file
Expression (report object property)
expression engine
expression examples
expression functions
Expression object
expressions in reports
field mappings
field mappings file
field names completion (SQL editor)
file associations
File Icon object
File Image object
File Name (Object property)
File Text object
Filter (report object property)
filter examples
filter options
filtering data
filtering objects
Firebird databases
Font (report object property)
Force New Page (report object property)
Format (report object property)
FoxPro files
Frame (report object property)
freezing columns
global variables
graphic fields
graphic images
   loading from file
   saving to file
Grouping Expression (report object property)
grouping in reports
Height (report object property)
heterogeneous joins in queries
Hide Zeros (report object property)
hiding columns
Highlight Background Color (report object property)
Highlight Condition (report object property)
Highlight Font (report object property)
history of changes
hot keys
how to register
how to start
HTML encoding
HTML export
HTML files
HTML template
Hypelink (report object property)
Icon Index (report object property)
Image object
import options
importing data
importing files
incrementing field values
Ingres databases
initial SQL text
installing ADO
Interbase databases
interface language
interface settings
ISAM drivers
key features
Label object
language drivers (BDE)
Left (report object property)
limit the number of records to export
live queries
'live' queries
loading column definitions from file
loading graphic images into database
log of performed operations
logical operators
logical sorting
Lotus files
macros in queries
main window shortcut keystrokes
Margins (report object property)
master source for queries
matching fields when exporting data
mathematical functions
MDB files
means of the program
   loading contents from file
   printing contents
   saving contents to file
memory saving mode
Microsoft Access 2007+ databases
Microsoft Access databases
Microsoft Excel 2007+ workbooks (.xlsx; .xlsb; .xlsm)
Microsoft Excel workbooks (.xls)
modifying table
mouse wheel features
multiple export
multiple record view
MySQL databases
Name (object property)
new features
Number of copies (report object property)
numeric data formatting
Object Browser
OLE fields
On First Page (report object property)
On Last Page (report object property)
On Print (report object property)
open target
opening a database from command line
opening a report template
opening Adaptive Server Anywhere databases
opening CSV files
opening database
opening DB2 databases
opening dBase (DBF) files
opening files
opening files from command line
opening Firebird databases
opening folders with database files
opening FoxPro (DBF) files
opening HTML files
opening Informix databases
opening Ingres databases
opening Interbase databases
opening Lotus (WJ2; WK1) files
opening Microsoft Access 2007+ databases
opening Microsoft Access databases
opening Microsoft Excel 2007+ workbooks (.xlsx; .xlsb; .xlsm)
opening Microsoft Excel workbooks (.xls)
opening MySQL databases
opening Oracle databases
opening Paradox (DB) files
opening Pervasive PSQL databases
opening PostgreSQL databases
opening SQL Server databases
opening SQLBase databases
opening Sybase databases
opening table
opening text files
opening UDL files
opening Visual FoxPro databases (.dbc)
opening XML files
Oracle databases
Orientation (report object property)
output options
overwrite prompt
packing tables
Page object
Paper Size (report object property)
Paper Source (report object property)
Paradox files
parameterized queries
parameters of command line
password protected databases
passwords for Paradox tables
pasting cells from clipboard
PDF format
Pen (report object property)
performing batch operations with text fields from command line
performing BDE utilities from command line
Pervasive PSQL databases
physical sorting
Picture (report object property)
PostgreSQL databases
predefined parameters
pricing and discounts
Printer (report object property)
printing contents of graphic fields
printing data
printing database structure
printing of current record
printing table
printing table structure
   editing resulting data
   loading SQL text
   printing SQL text
   saving resulting data
   saving SQL text
querying several databases
quick search
reconnect as another user
Records per Page (report object property)
red table list marker
referential integrity
refreshing table
removing saved database passwords
renaming aliases
renaming fields
renaming tables
reopening database
replacing text
   adding objects
   aligning of selected objects
   autoexpanding the text objects
   autosize of the text objects
   borders of the objects
   column width
   export to file
   grouping records
   moving objects
   multicolumn reports
   printing expressions
   printing graphics
   printing text
   printing totals
   rearrangement of columns
   removing objects
   resizing objects
   saving template to file
   text alignment
   text objects
   text orientation
   transparency of the text objects
   undo last action
   word wrapping
report builder
report file
Report object
report template
report warnings
Reportizer Viewer
resizing fields
restoring previously deleted records
restoring SQL windows
RTF fields
rules for expressions
rules for field names
running Database Tour from command line
saving column definitions to file
saving graphic images to file
saving report template
schema files
searching for fields or indexes
searching tables
searching text
Select Printer (report object property)
selected tables
selecting column range to export
selecting group of records
selecting record range to export
setting data of the field to incremental number
setting the same value to all records of the field
Shape (report object property)
Shape object
shortcut keystrokes
silent mode
single record view
Sort Order (report object property)
sorting data
special requirements
specification of the command line
SQL Anywhere
SQL completion
SQL dialect
SQL dumps
SQL editor settings
SQL editor shortcut keystrokes
SQL editor syntax highlighting options
SQL history
SQL macros
SQL scripts
SQL Server databases
SQL statements
SQL statistics
SQL syntax highlighting
SQL templates
SQL terminator
SQLBase databases
statistical functions
status line
stored procedures
Stretch (report object property)
stretch picture size
Stretch to Align Bottoms (report object property)
string functions
sum of the field
switches of command line
switches of the command line
Sybase databases
system requirements
system tables
   copying to clipboard
   editing data
   fixing columns
   freezing columns
   importing data to
   viewing data
   viewing structure
table mappings
table mappings file
table structure
target database type
Text (report object property)
text export schema
text files
text form of the report template
Text Offset (report object property)
Text Orientation Angle (report object property)
text tables
Top (report object property)
transaction isolation level
Transparent (report object property)
trimming strings
typical tasks solutions
UDL files
using bookmarks
using SQL for creating tables
using template
version history
view settings
viewing data
Visible (report object property)
Visual FoxPro databases (.dbc)
ways of opening databases
whats new
Width (report object property)
WJ2 files
WK1 files
Word Wrapping (report object property)
working with command line
working with current column
working with current field
working with current record
working with current row
writing a command line
XLS export
XLS files
XLSB files
XLSM files
XLSX files
XML encoding
XML files
XML import
XML schema
XSL schema