This topic describes how to encrypt all files in a folder. To encrypt one file, you can use Tools | Encrypt File... menu. But if you need to encrypt many files, it is faster to do that from command line.

Note: Working with command line is available in Database Tour Pro.

So, create a text file and give it .bat extension. Open it for editing and type the following line of text (use a real path to Database Tour Pro instead of "C:\Program Files\...\dbtour.exe"):

"C:\Program Files\...\dbtour.exe"  /encrypt /silent "/SrcFile=C:\My Templates\city.dtt" "/TrgFile=C:\Encrypted\city1.eee" /Password=MyPassword

Duplicate this line for every file you wish to encrypt, and adapt it accordingly.

Save the file and run it to encrypt all selected files.

To decrypt the encrypted files, create another .bat file with the same content and make the following changes in it: replace /encrypt switches with /decrypt switches and swap the source and target files in each command line entry. To decrypt one file, you can use Tools | Decrypt File... menu.

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