Let's automate the following actions: Open 'WorkData' ODBC data source, 'City' table from this database, load report template from file C:\My templates\city.dtt and show the report preview.

Note, that working with reports is available in Database Tour Pro only.

Create a text file and give it .bat extension. Open it for editing and type the following line of text (use a real path to Database Tour Pro instead of "C:\Program Files\...\dbtour.exe"):

"C:\Program Files\...\dbtour.exe"  /OpenDB /DBInterface=ado /DBKind=DSN /DB=WorkData /TableName=City "/ReportTemplateFile=C:\My templates\city.dtt" /ReportPreview

Save the file. Now, if you double-click this file, all the foregoing actions will be performed automatically. It is very useful, for example, when you need to perform daily reports.

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