Open a table or SQL query result. For table, switch to Data page.

Let's create a report with grouping records.

Note, that working with reports is available in Database Tour Pro only.

  1. To group records by some field(s), make sure your dataset is ordered by these field(s).
  2. Click Report Builder button.
  3. In Report Tree, select Report to see the report properties. Specify grouping expression, i.e. find the Grouping expression property there, invoke the Expression Builder by clicking button '...' and build the expression there.
  4. Check grouping bands in report tree to make them visible. Place desired objects on them.
  5. Click Preview.
  6. In Preview window, click Print, select needed options and click OK.

Note: There are examples of report templates with grouping in the Examples folder of the application (for example, groups.dtt).

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