REM  This example shows how Database Tour Pro can export data
REM  from one table or query to another table.
REM  You can use any part of this example to create your
REM  own command file(s).


REM  Set Database Tour Pro folder as current directory

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vitaliy Levchenko\Database Tour Pro 11"

REM  Exporting data

REM  Step 1: Export data from table Orders from MS Access

REM         database, specified by ODBC DSN TestDSN,

REM         to dBase file c:\MyData\Exported.dbf

REM         If c:\MyData\Exported.dbf already exists, it is overwritten

start /w dbtour.exe /silent /export /SrcDBInterface=ado /SrcDB=TestDSN /SrcTableName=orders /TrgDB=c:\MyData /TrgTableName=exported.dbf /LogFile=c:\MyData\dbt.log

REM Step 2: Export data, specified by SELECT query in file

REM          C:\MyData\SelectData.sql, to already existing file

REM          c:\MyData\Exported.dbf

REM          Using /append option will cause appending new

REM          records without deleting existing ones

REM          Note that appending records should have the structure,

REM          which is compatible with structure of destination

start /w dbtour.exe /silent /export /ExportMode=APPEND /SrcDBInterface=ado /SrcDB=TestDSN /SrcSQLFile=C:\MyData\SelectData.sql /TrgDB=c:\MyData /TrgTableName=exported.dbf /LogFile=c:\MyData\dbt.log /AppendLog

REM Encrypting the created file

start /w dbtour.exe /silent /encrypt /SrcFile=c:\MyData\Exported.dbf /TrgFile=c:\MyData\Encrypted.dat

REM Finally, open the created table

dbtour.exe c:\MyData\Exported.dbf

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