See examples of solving common database tasks in Database Tour.

Examples of Batch Changing Data

Examples of Batch Changing Field Data

Examples of Data Exporting and Importing

Copy Table to Another Database

Export Data to JSON

Export Selected Columns

Export Data to HTML with Totals

Example of Using Template in HTML Export

Export Data from DBF to Paradox

Export Data from Excel to SQLite

Convert Data from Paradox to Firebird

Migrate Data from SQL Server to Oracle

Migrate Several Tables from PostgreSQL to SQL Server

Import Data from the Same Database

Examples of Copying and Pasting Table Data

Copy Full Dataset to Clipboard

Paste Data from Clipboard to Table

Examples of Deleting Data

Delete Database Records

Examples of Customizing Data View

Specify Custom Column Titles

Specify Column Pick List

Examples of Data Aggregation

Get the Sum of Numeric Field

Examples of Finding and Replacing Data

Find and Replace Data in Examples

Examples of Printing Data

Print a Dataset

Print Selected Columns

Print a Dataset with Totals

Create Report with Grouping

Automate Report Loading

Working with Database Objects

Drop All Views in a Database

Export Stored Procedures from Firebird Database to a SQL Script

Manage Cron Jobs in PostgreSQL Database

Examples of Encrypting Files

Encrypt All Files in a Folder