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Creating and Configuring BDE Aliases

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To configure BDE aliases, choose Options | BDE Options | Aliases....

Available functions:

-Copying an existing alias into a new one (Save As button);
-Deleting an existing alias;
-Creating a new alias of the specified type;
-Modifying / renaming an alias.

To cancel or apply changes, use the corresponding buttons.


1. You cannot delete or modify an opened alias, except a case described below.

2. Configuring the ODBC-based aliases is not supported, use Windows administrative tools for this.

Quick changing parameters of open alias

When you connected to database by its BDE alias name, you can change some important parameters of the alias and reopen such database right after the change in a few clicks. As you can see, the most important alias parameters are shown in the left bottom corner of the main window, right below the table list. For example, the most important (definitive) parameter for open alias of STANDARD type is PATH, for alias of ORACLE type is TNS NAME, and for alias, based on ODBC data sources, is ODBC DSN. You can easily and quickly change such parameters by double-clicking the corresponding line in this corner. After you changed the parameter, the database will be reopened with new parameter applied.