This is important for users, who use national characters in databases, opened via BDE. Language driver lets you, for example, to correctly sort the data.

Note: BDE is an obsolete technology. It is recommended to use it only for supporting old solutions.

Default language drivers

For correct work with national characters, you may set default language driver for your database type. This option will cause, for example, assigning this default language driver for all new databases.

You can change the default language driver for different database types by choosing Options | BDE Options | Language Drivers....

For example, if you use ANSI (Windows) Russian characters in Paradox databases, then set LANGDRIVER parameter for Paradox driver to Pdox ANSI Cyrillic.

If you use OEM (DOS) character set, select language driver of needed national code page.

Changing language driver for a separate local table

To change the language driver for existing separate local table (Paradox or dBase) open the table, move it into Edit mode and choose Table | BDE Utilities | Change Language Driver....

Native language drivers support English characters too.