This topic describes creating databases in Database Tour or preparing databases for working with them in Database Tour. Please do not confuse databases with database tables; creating database tables are covered by a separate topic.

Creating Paradox, dBase/FoxPro or text/CSV databases

Databases of such types are folders with the corresponding database files. So, to create a database, just create a folder using Windows Explorer or any other appropriate tool.

After creating the folder, you can open it as a database in Database Tour.

Creating file databases

In the current version, it is possible to create file databases of the following types:

To create a database, click Connect / Open Data Source button  or choose Database | Connect / Register... menu. Select FD interface. Choose the database type for the new database (SQLite, Firebird, Interbase, or Microsoft Access). Below, click Create a blank file database button  and choose a file name for it.

After the database is created, you can open it there in just a few clicks.

Creating databases of type Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 etc

The application allows to open databases of these types and provides a wide range of functionality for them, but does not support creating new databases.

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