F1Call Help.
CTRL + FCall Find dialog.
CTRL + RCall Find and Replace dialog.
F3Repeat last search.
F6Call Rename Table dialog.
F4Put current table in edit mode.
F9Execute SQL statement / execute selected SQL statement.
CTRL + F6 In SQL window, move to Edit page.
CTRL + F7 In SQL window, move to Result page (if visible).
CTRL + F8 In SQL window, move to History page.
CTRL + F9Execute SQL statement until first SQL terminate symbol.
CTRL + OCall Open Data Source dialog.
CTRL + NCall Create New Table dialog.
CTRL + QCreate new SQL window.
CTRL + ECall Export Data dialog.
EscapeCancel current operation. Available for exporting, importing.
F11Call Encrypt File dialog.
F12Call Decrypt File dialog.
ALTActivate main menu.

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