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SQL Editor Shortcut Keystrokes

F9 Execute query (queries): either selected (if there is a selected text fragment in the editor) or all SQL (if there is no selected text fragment)
F8 Execute current query. Current query is the query between SQL terminators (if any) containing the current caret position.
Ctrl + F9 Execute query from the editor until SQL terminator is found.
ALT + Left Arrow Load previous SQL text from SQL history
ALT + Right Arrow Load next SQL text from SQL history
CTRL + L Load SQL text from file
CTRL + S Save SQL text to file
Up ArrowUp
SHIFT + Up ArrowSelect Up
CTRL + Up ArrowScroll up
Down ArrowDown
SHIFT + Down ArrowSelect Down
CTRL + Down ArrowScroll Down
Left ArrowLeft
SHIFT + Left ArrowSelect Left
CTRL + Left ArrowMove Left to the next word
CTRL + SHIFT + Left ArrowSelect word to the left
Right ArrowRight
SHIFT + Right ArrowSelect Right
CTRL + Right ArrowMove Right to the next word
CTRL + SHIFT + Right ArrowSelect Word to the right
Page DownPage Down
SHIFT + Page DownSelect Page Down
CTRL + Page DownPage Bottom
CTRL + SHIFT + Page DownSelect Page Bottom
Page UpPage Up
SHIFT + Page UpSelect Page Up
CTRL + Page UpPage Top
CTRL + SHIFT + Page UpSelect Page Top
HomeLine Start
SHIFT + HomeSelect to Line Start
CTRL + HomeEditor Top
CTRL + SHIFT + HomeSelect to Editor Top
EndLine End
SHIFT + EndSelect to Line End
CTRL + EndGo to Editor Bottom
CTRL + SHIFT + EndSelect to Editor Bottom
InsertToggle Insert mode
CTRL + Insert, CTRL + K + C, CTRL + CCopy selected text to Clipboard
SHIFT + Insert, CTRL + K + V, CTRL + VPaste text from Clipboard
SHIFT + Delete, CTRL + K + Y, CTRL + XCut text to Clipboard
Backspace, CTRL + BackspaceDelete Last Character
CTRL + BackspaceDelete Last Word
CTRL + Z, ALT + BackspaceUndo
CTRL + SHIFT + Z, ALT + SHIFT + BackspaceRedo
Return, CTRL + MLine Break
CTRL + ASelect All
CTRL + SHIFT + I, CTRL + K + IBlock Indent
CTRL + NInsert line
CTRL + TDelete word
CTRL + SHIFT + U, CTRL + K + UBlock Unindent
CTRL + YDelete line
CTRL + SHIFT + YDelete to the end of line
CTRL + SHIFT + 0..9Set / clear bookmark 0..9
CTRL + 0..9, CTRL + K + 0..9Go to bookmark 0..9
CTRL + SHIFT + N, CTRL + O + KSet normal selection mode
CTRL + SHIFT + C, CTRL + O + CSet column selection mode
CTRL + SHIFT + L, CTRL + K + LSet line selection mode
CTRL + SHIFT + BFind matching bracket (caret must be set just before bracket)
CTRL + / Comment or uncomment the current selection
Double click on the wordSelect the word
Click on the left part of the gutterSet / remove bookmark

Database Tour SQL editor is based on SynEdit.

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