To work with current database row (record), use Row menu.

Depending on active page of the main window, the current row (record) may be record of open table or query, record of Fields, Indexes, or SQL History table, or current line of SQL editor.

Each of these cases has its own set of available capabilities. The printing or copying the record is available for all the cases.

Printing the current record of current data set is performed in order of columns. Data of each column (field) is printed on new line in the following format: Column title: Field data.

There is an ability to put bookmarks on the database records or lines of the SQL editor.

You can put only one bookmark on current database record (using above mentioned menu or combination CTRL+SHIFT+0) and up to ten bookmarks on SQL editor lines (using CTRL+SHIFT+n, where n is a bookmark number).

To move to previously defined bookmark, press CTRL+n, where n is the bookmark number.

There is an ability to copy database record from current position to position before bookmark (only for non-indexed Paradox tables).

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