Table Fields

Field (column) structure information of the selected table is given in Fields page of the Table window.

To quickly move to a field data just click twice the needed field row (if the table is open).

There are functions to add, delete, rename, and resize fields. But in any case you can try to do this by SQL queries and / or data exporting.


1. When editing the table field structure, make sure that your changes will not have influence on existing indexes.

2. Availability of some additional information about fields (required flag (ability to contain NULL values), default value etc.) depends on database types and used database engine.

3. Different database types may have different set of filed attributes.

4. When some columns in Fields table are dimmed, this means that the appropriate information is unavailable or has no sense for this database or table type.

Table Indexes

Index structure information of the selected table is given in Indexes page of the Table window.

To quickly sort the table by an index data just click twice the needed index row (if the table is opened).

To delete an index, select it in the index grid and click the Delete Index button or press DELETE. If this button remains disabled after you selected index, then you cannot delete this index.

To create a new index, click Add Index button or press INSERT. After the new index window will be shown, select index fields and required index options and click OK. If the index must be named, the application will propose you to enter the index name, just type it and click OK.

To regenerate indexes of dBase or Paradox table, opened by BDE, click the corresponding button or choose menu Table | Utilities | Regenerate Indexes. To regenerate indexes of all dBase and Paradox tables in the selected directory, choose menu Tools | BDE Tools | Regenerate Indexes of All Tables....


1. Not all database types support all index options.

2. The information about indexes may be unavailable for some database types.

3. You can try to add or delete indexes using SQL means.

Field and index information can be printed, copied or saved to file.

It is recommended to correct (by using a mouse) the widths of all columns before printing to be sure that the printed page will include all the columns.

SQL Representation of the Table Structure

Script page of the Table window shows SQL code needed to create the table and its child objects like indexes, constraints etc, along with table and column permissions. Note: The completeness and accuracy of this code depends on used database engine and database type.

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