To customize the table and query data view, choose Options | Environment | Data view. You can change colors of the text and background and font style of data depending on data type and some conditions.

For example, selecting "highlight if >= current date" on Dates page means that the data of Date and DateTime field types will always be highlighted with the specified colors and font style, if they satisfy the above-mentioned condition. To highlight all data of the specified data type, select Highlight All.

You can choose one of two views for graphic and Boolean data: standard view or graphic interpretation of original content. The second one requires more system resources and draws slower.

View of Boolean data can affect the data editing:

- In a standard view (as text), you can type the data from keyboard or choose from pick list;

- In a graphic view (checkboxes), you can also edit the data by mouse clicking in the center of the cell or by pressing Space key.

Conditional formatting settings have effect on exporting data to PDF, XLSX, HTML, and RTF formats.


Conditional formatting settings override individual column settings.

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