Logical sorting

To sort SQL query data, use ORDER BY clause in the SQL command.

For logical sorting table data, use indexes (by selecting index in the drop-down list right over the table grid).

You can sort data even without indexes (SQL-based tables mainly or queries) by setting indexed fields. To specify an indexed field, just click the title of the corresponding column. To specify several indexed fields, use the following two ways: 1) choose Add index fields from the drop-down list right over the table; 2) click column title holding SHIFT down.

Logical sorting can change the visible order of the records, but does not change the real (physical) order.

Physical sorting (BDE connections only)

You can physically sort table data (local tables only) by any column: choose Sort... from column context menu. You can select sort order and case sensitivity. The table must be editable.


1. A Paradox table with a primary index cannot be sorted with the physical sorting.

2. For correct sorting, you should use correct language driver (BDE connections only).