Filtering is used to select those data in data set, which satisfy the filter criteria (often named simply filter).

To filter SQL query result, use WHERE clause of the SQL command. Here, the table filtering is described.

To filter the data of an active table, type the filter criteria in the corresponding field on the Data page and turn filtering on by clicking the corresponding button or pressing Enter. If the criteria is correct, the data grid will show you only data that satisfy the filter criteria. To cancel filtering, click the button again.

The last used table filters are saved for future using.

When exporting, copying or reporting filtered dataset, only filtered data will processed.

Auto-filling the table filter criteria

Simple filter criteria for tables can be created automatically. Table must be unfiltered and filter criteria field must be empty. Select a table grid cell, which value must be used in the filter. Then click filter criteria field (just above the table).

There are some filter options.

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