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Working with Table and Query Data

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The data from an active table are shown on Data page, data from an active SQL query are shown on Result page of SQL window.

Most of the operations with table data and query data are similar. For example, it is possible to export, print, view in different modes, copy them etc. There are also differences: for example, importing, packing, emptying operations are defined for tables only, not for queries. There are some differences in sorting table and query data.

Some data operations are enabled only for data sets, opened using certain interface. Also, some operations can work differently depending on interface used to connect the database.

It is possible to perform some operations with group of records (for example, deleting, exporting, etc.). To select group of records, turn on multiple selection by using the corresponding button, then select records by the following available combinations: SHIFT+<arrows>, CTRL+<mouse>, SHIFT+PgDown, SHIFT+PgUp, SHIFT+HOME, SHIFT+END.

To edit BLOB fields fields (MEMO, graphic etc.), choose the corresponding item from Tools menu. There are also specific functions to work with numeric or string data there.

There are many special functions to work with current record (Row menu) or current field / column (Column menu). Many of these functions and some other ones are available also in the context menu of data grids.

You can customize the data view using many options.

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